About Us

Wedding Florist

At Always Fabulous Flowers we aim to turn choosing your bridal flowers into a fun and enjoyable experience. Voted Brisbane's top wedding florist, we offer statement pieces, custom styled wedding flowers and corporate event flowers to a discerning market. It's about finding the right look for you, with flowers that reflect your personality and taste. Being versatile enables us to theme the reception and ceremony flowers to co-ordinate with your bouquets, so the whole wedding looks not only fabulous but is also unique!

We've been creating weddings for over 20 years, drawing on a wealth of experience and keeping abreast of the ever changing market trends and the latest construction techniques, making sure your flowers look great throughout your special day - especially for those photographs, those unforgettable moments, those snapshots in time that capture the day forever. Our bouquets aren't just bunches of flowers.  And yes, we have done celebrity weddings however we don't splash these images all over our website as we feel leading such public lives, these couples deserve their privacy on such a special day.

An appointment for consultation to discuss your wedding flowers with our wedding stylist can be arranged in our relaxed studio, just 15 minutes south of Brisbane in rural Rochedale.

During the appointment we give you our undivided attention - no shop interruptions, this very personal and very individual service extends right through to your wedding day with the delivery of your bouquets and the setting up of your ceremony and/or reception flowers. We'd love to work with you to ensure your wedding day or event is always fabulous!!